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At MBB our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and enlightening tour of the best sights, sounds and yes, even smells, that Milwaukee has to offer. With 40+ years of experience in many different disciplines of cycling, messengering, commuting, touring, and recreation, we consider our guides to be some of the most knowledgeable cyclists in the city. We are eager to share our knowledge and insight of Milwaukee with riders of all skill levels.

A collaborative look at our guides cycling resumes looks a bit like this. 20+ years messengering in multiple cities around the world, 20+ years commuting, touring history in Iceland, Spain, Taiwan, Austria, Hungary, and Australia, years of racing amateur level cycle-cross, gravel and mountain bikes events nationwide, and finally, promoting cycling through creating and hosting many events in and around Milwaukee.

At MBB your safety and comfort are our #1 concern. Our routes are designed to have the lowest “traffic impact”(auto) possible. Using on-road bike lanes, shared recreational paths, and low density streets we will show you some of the best parts of this fabulous city we call home. Our pace is casual and tours are generally single file due to our use of on-street bike lanes, and respecting other users of the shared paths. We offer helmets to all customers, but of course, you are welcome to bring your own.

Our bikes are Fyxation(brand) Eastsides(model), single speed city bikes, with front and rear brakes. A very simple and agile bike with what we like to call a Euro-Urban kind of feel, upright and easy to ride. We have a run of sizes and a fit for everyone.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our history and points of interest along the way, so please feel free to ask your guide any questions you may have about the sights and sounds around you!!